Graffiti Removal & Paint Stripping

Remove Unsightly Graffiti and Strip Back Surfaces to Paint Free.

Nothing will deter potential clients to your business more than a covering of graffiti over the doors and walls of your business. Whilst the perpetrators see a work of colourful art or the space to claim your business as their own, it gives the impression of a run down area and poor security, neither of which reflects well on your business. The spray paint normally used for most graffiti attacks is incredibly hard to get rid of using traditional cleaning methods, but fortunately our graffiti removal specialists can make your building look as good as new in just a hours.

Our Graffiti Removal Techniques

Removing graffiti is one of the hardest cleaning jobs out there and many people choose what looks like the easy option of painting over it. However, it’s hard to cover up the bright colours and you won’t get a flat finish. The only way to get the job done right is have our expert team come and perform one of our tried and tested graffiti removal techniques:

  • Pressure Washing – this tactic will only work on certain hard surface types such as concrete as anything softer will be damaged by the pressures required to remove the paint.
  • Soda Blasting – this is our most popular technique, involving blasting sodium bicarbonate at high air pressure at the affected areas. It’s a non-destructive method and the lack of chemicals means that it’s good for the environment too.
  • Solvents – when graffiti has been on the walls for a long time, it can be incredibly hard to remove with either of these techniques. In these cases, we will use chemical solvents to break down the paint layers which can then be pressure washed or scrubbed away. This is a last resort as it can be very harmful to the underlying surfaces.

The Finishing Touches.

The key to our success is our use of GB Coat One. This is a specifically designed water-based silicone wax based emulsion that can be applied immediately after the graffiti removal. In normal circumstances, the surface needs to be left alone for at least 24 hours for the harmful chemicals to dilute as they will attack other forms of paint, but GB Coat One is made of sturdy stuff.

Our Service to You.

Just buying a few tins of GB Coat One and doing some soda blasting won’t get your graffiti removal job correctly.

Just a few of the reasons why you should hire us to undertake your next graffiti removal project:

  • Professionalism is Our Middle Name – we pride ourselves on our fully professional organisation which you’ll see from the moment you contact us for a quote right through to when we sign the job off to you. All our work is documented fully so you’ll only pay for what you use and you’ll find all our employees to be polite, respectful and extremely knowledgeable in the field of graffiti removal.
  • Fully Certified and Trained Employees – to maintain our professional outlook, all of our operatives are appropriately trained in accordance with Health and Safety regulations in line with HSE guidance. They are all registered with the CSCS certification scheme and everyone carries a fully DBS screening check, meaning we can go wherever you need us to be.
  • Experienced Work Force – we’ve been in the market for over 20 years and have seen just about everything when it comes to graffiti removal and cleaning projects. Nothing surprises us, and we’re happy to work in any sort of environment. The work force knows and understands the pressures of factory life and will do what they can to minimise the impact of their work.

We can answer any questions and give you a no obligation free quotation.

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