Car Wash Cleaning Services

The Easy Way to Minimise Excessive Wear & Malfunctions.

With competition amongst car wash businesses remaining keen it pays operators to ensure that their business premises look at their best, as well as providing a first class service. A regular cleaning programme ensures that the machinery is working at the optimum level.

A car wash, like any cleaning machinery, is susceptible to a build up of unsightly deposits like the dirt it is removing, lime scale from the water and the remnants of cleaning materials. At G.J.Miles Cleaning we have built up our reputation over many years for providing reliable, honest, professional services at the highest possible level you can be sure that all specified work will be carried out to the highest standard, ensuring that your facilities are looking at their optimum.

With such a variety of car wash equipment in operation we are very aware that there is not one solution that will suit each and every establishment. The range of materials we deal with, such as concrete blocks, ceramic tiles and plastic coated cladding, all require different methods to ensure that they are effectively cleaned without damaging the surfaces. We tackle the task with a combination of environmentally friendly chemicals and high pressure water jetting.

Regular cleaning will also help to avoid expensive down-time of your car wash facility. Deposits which cause excessive wear and malfunctions are effectively removed so that the machinery works efficiently without putting undue stress on moving parts. Lime scale is an abrasive substance which can cause damage to the cleaning machinery Having the car wash cleaned on a regular basis avoids any unwanted damage.

Having Your Car Wash Cleaned by G.J Miles Cleaning Makes Sense on Every Level.

  • You can be sure that we will carry out the cleansing process to the highest standards
  • current and potential customers will appreciate the professional look of your premises
  • there is less risk of unforeseen damage to your valuable equipment
  • less downtime means fewer opportunities for customers to try a rival operation
  • Finally damage to clients cars is less likely due to the abrasive build ups removed

Take the headache out of your cleaning needs & gain peace of mind, your business is in safe hands.

At the end of the day it will be money well spent building your reputation, enhancing your customer experience and generating more revenue for your organisation.

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