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Latest Doff Type Systems for The Removal of Paint, Moss, Algae, Biological Build Ups & More.

Cleaning any property can be a daunting task. Not only must the size of the location be taken into account, but the discrete needs of the client need to be addressed at all times. However, it is also necessary to employ only the latest and most thorough techniques. These will help to extend the lifespan of the affected surfaces while not detracting from the overall efficacy of the cleaning services themselves. Obviously, addressing all of these variables can be quite challenging. As we boast no less than 25 years experience within the industry of exterior & interior building cleans, G.J. Miles Support Group aims to please. By offering bespoke and scalable solutions for the needs of the building in question, we are able to provide superior levels of service within an amenable pricing package. It is therefore wise to take a look at some of our techniques and the factors which have allowed them to be so very effective. Gentle but Thorough…

Many cleaning services will use a traditional pressure washer as a universal solution for their needs. However, a lesser-known fact is that some surfaces can be damaged by this spray. Stone, stucco and brick are three examples. As the water digs into the surface, top layers will be stripped off. Not only can this produce unsightly results, but the increased porosity will lead to further damage from pollution, the elements and even micro-organisms. Thus, G.J. Miles employs non-abrasive cleaning techniques. These will leave the surface intact while still adequately addressing the needs of the location. A final benefit here is that the lifespan of the surface in question can be lengthened.

Modern Techniques for Equally Modern Needs

The concept of “one size fits all” certainly has no place within the cleaning industry. Through our knowledge base, we have developed unique methods which are designed to address different interior and exterior surfaces. For example, G.J. Miles will use volcanic materials to safely remove staining and etching from glazing without damaging the underlying substrate. Some other methods which we have embraced over the years include:

  • DOFF (a variable pressure and temperature cleaning system).
  • Alkaline poultice applications.
  • A swirling vortex system (known as JOS or TORC)
  • A soft, nebulous spray for addressing metals and uPVC.
  • Low- and high-pressure stone cleaning.

The main concept to embrace is the fact that each surface needs to be treated differently. Not only will this provide cost-effective solutions, but maintenance times can ultimately be decreased and less frequent cleaning will be needed.


Another very real concern is maintaining surfaces once they have been addressed. While our ability to remove paint from stone may be impressive, we are also quite concerned with providing a protective barrier to certain materials which serves to extend their longevity. An example of this can be seen in the application of a silicone wax layer upon metal cladding. After the surface is restored, this layer will provide additional layers of protection against the harsh elements. Once again, this is critical to prevent corrosion and subsequent damage.

Our family-run business is proud to offer these and other cleaning services to a growing number of customers.

There is indeed no job too big or too small that we cannot handle. Should this approach sound appealing, we will be more than happy to speak with you and address your needs on an individual basis.

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Exterior & interior building cleans are as much of an art form as they are a science.
By embracing both sides, we are proud to provide turnkey solutions to a variety of problems.